Saturday, August 16, 2008

G&S Monthly Meeting - July 2008

G&S Monthly Meeting - July 2008

G&S Monthly Meeting - July 2008
30th July 2008
Place: IEM Board Room

It was the first meeting for the new session and chaired by the newly elected chairperson, Engr. Ngeow Yen Wan.
The meeting also saw the attendance of 22 young engineers all ready to volunteer for the section for the coming 1 session.
The meeting then adjourned to Strawberry Cafe for dinner and fellowship.
The next meeting date shall be 27 July 2008.

See all of you then.

Prepared by Ir. Yau CF

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UNITEN Membership drive held on 4th August 2008

UNITEN Membership drive held on 4th August 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008


IEM IES Meet 2008

The most anticipated event has just finished 2 weeks ago, 12-14th JUL 2008 (SAT-MON). We are honored to represent IEM YES this year to present for this 3D2N fascinating event in Singapore. There are around 23 of us participating who are the students from UNITEN, UTAR, UM, MMU and some graduates. Hopefully more graduates will be joining us in future.

12th JUL

We departed from KL on 11th Jul, Friday night by KTM to Singapore at 9pm and reaching 9am next day at the last station namely Tanjung Pagar J. It is indeed a long journey. However, our tiredness disappeared when we were greeted warm welcome by the main organizer. They had been waiting for us at the KTM station. This year NUS and NTU are the main organizer behind the awesome event with collaboration of IES YMC.

The event was conducted in NUS and we stayed in Prince George’s Park which is exactly the resort-like and conducive residential place! After having brunch and rest, we continued the itinerary of the event –ice breaking. All of us were divided randomly into teams. Through the games conducted, we know each other well despite of the age gap or background. We had a lot fun in the games! The games are, 1: Passing chairs to grap power water ball in team, 2: Throwing waterballs, 3: Aim the bottle, 4: Designing system to pour water into a mug, 5: Guess the Guess in 8 boxes.

In the night, we had opening dinner. Shuhairy as IEM YES representative from IEM YES gave speech. The dinner is sort of to enable us to take five after the long event conducted in day time. We took the opportunities to interact with each other and of course most important taking picture.

13th JUL

In the early morning, it was the IEM/S dialogue session to discuss about ways to coorperate in coming events. In the afternoon, the highlighted event of the event is no other than Amazing Race. This is not Amazing Race that always shown on TV in which reaching the final line as the ultimate goal. Instead, the winning guideline is that team with the most photos taken. Every extra places visited will be given more points. Suggested places are like How ParVillage, Chinatown, Little India, Esplanade, National Library, SMU business school, etc. Our team is lucky to watch the music concert by Chua Chu Kang orchestra for FREE in Esplanade. We kept taking photos though we are exhausted.

Throughout the “Amazing Race” we are only allowed to use public transport such as MRT and public bus using EZ-link card. It is used as the touch-N-go card in Malaysia. Only that the card must be returned to claim back the deposit, $8. We are all amazed of the systematic public transportation in Singapore.

Though we were tired but we enjoyed very much. We had a sharing session in the night where all are encouraged to share their views throughout the whole event and also based on certain given engineering related topics. Winner is announced which is Singapore team. After all, winning is not important but is to have fun.

14th JUL

In the morning, we visited Marina Barrage which is still under construction. The Marina Barrage is a dam being built in Singapore across the Marina Channel between the reclaimed lands of Marina East and Marina South. The S$226 million project will be completed soon, and turn the Marina Bay and Kallang Basin into a new downtown freshwater reservoir. It provides water supply, flood control and a new lifestyle attraction. This structure will provide flood control by changing the tide flow into the barrage. We are lucky to have Ingr. Ong to explain about the structure of Marina Barrage. On the rooftop of the structure is a vast area of field and also solar panels which generates power for the usage of electricity of the building.

Before we bade farewell, we took group photo and had lunch. Finally we boarded bus at Novena Square at 2.30pm. Our return journey was a delightful one.

Prepared by Wong Yoke Mei

31 JUL 2008