Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Prepared by Awarudin Saidu Mohamed
Blogged by Lee Mei Ping


IEM G&S organised a half day Technical Visit on 8 Dec 2007 to SMART Motorway Control Center Jalan Davis, Off Bulatan Kg Pandan. Total of 20 participants with 13 IEM members, UCSI (University College Sedaya International) students, 1 IET member and 2 private individuals participated in the visit. The visit started at 9.30 and ends at 20 noon.

This visit was an excellent opportunity to understand the concept of smart tunnel which has been verbiage to most of us. The philosophy behind flood mitigation via smart tunnel a premier project in KL was explored. The visit was handled by Smart JV whom involved in project planning till the execution. They are given the concession for 10 yrs in managing the smart tunnel. Their warm welcome and excellent briefing has indulged all the members. Everyone given the opportunity to watch video presentation and followed by sharing session – Tea Break.

The presentation and Q&A session covered the project planning, construction, smart tunnel concept, Engineering innovation and latest technologies in tunnel building. The talk was concluded with soft part of the operation (i.e. challenges and limitation) and public and government related issues.

Indeed all of us concluded that the Smart Tunnel is definitely an Engineering wonders made in Malaysia by Malaysian. The Engineering acumen complemented by Hunger for Innovation has astonished all of us. The Malaysian Capability in development far surpluses by what is always commented by public.

As a nutshell, the visit was very fulfilling and eye-opener to many of us in the field of tunnel construction.

Introduction To Vector Drives

Prepared by Hardeep SC
Blogged by Lee Mei Ping

Introduction To Vector Drives

Date : 6th December 2007

Time : 7.00 pm to 9.00 p.m

Venue : IEM Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, Petaling Jaya

Speaker : Mr. Hew Wooi Ping, PhD(Malaya), CEng., PEng.

Total Participants : 41 pax

Dr. Hew, has been working on Vector Drives for the last 13 years, his vast experience was put into public interest via his talk Introduction to Vector Drives. He shared his practical experience and theoretical knowledge with the participants who showed great interest to grasp the information.

The talk was focused into introducing the future trend of application, with the advent of digital processing technologies and power electronics converters. The use of dc-motor drives is far becoming obsolete and is now being replaced by ac-motor vector drives in many applications today. This is fore more true as vector drives attempts to control an ac-motor just like a dc-motor.

Dr. Hew completed the evening talk with a phrase for all participants that reads, “the more you burn, the more you learn”. This phrase has a deep meaning, which interprets, knowledge is only gained with experience and to gain experience you need to try until you succeed. This 3rd joint venture talk with IET was also a success as the previous two events (talk by Dr. Vigna and Mr. Satha).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Itinerary on Engineering Interactive Gathering (EIG) @ Port Dickson

Prepared by Wong Chee Hong
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Itinerary on Engineering Interactive Gathering (EIG) @ Port Dickson

Dear ALL Young Engineers, Engineering Graduates, Undergraduates & Students !!!

AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED !!!... The Engineering Interactive Gathering (EIG),... proudly brought to you by Engineering Society of University of Malaya (ESUM) officially known as "Persatuan Kejuruteraan Universiti Malaya (PKUM)"... as part of our efforts to foster closer ties, relationships and networking among young engineers, engineering professionals and students.

*** Engineering Interactive Gathering (EIG) ***

(Organised by Engineering Society of University of Malaya )

DATE : 19 - 20 January 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)

VENUE : Port Dickson Golf & Country Club, Port Dickson


EIG is a 2 days - 1 night gathering which involves young engineers, engineering professionals and students from local universities. The main objective of EIG is to enhance the relationship between the local undergraduates, engineers from The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and company representatives from different engineering industries besides to widen the social circle / networking and knowledge concerning engineering field.

This exclusive gathering aims:

* To generate awareness of undergraduates about the importance of aids given, and the close bond between IEM and the future engineers via the membership drive of IEM

* To maintain the close bond between IEM, engineering companies and undergraduates in Faculty of Engineering

* To provide a good opportunity for undergraduates to meet up with high calibre experienced engineers

* To expose the job offered by companies to undergraduates or fresh graduates

* To promote intervarsity activities that can tighten the relationship among local undergraduates

Wanna find out more about us The Young Engineers Section of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM G&S-YES) or want to widen your social and professional networking but no formal occasions? Then this is it, come and join us... this will prove to be a great opportunity for all of us, seniors (graduates) and juniors (students) to learn and share knowledge & experience among us within the engineering fraternity. After all, we are all present and future engineers of today and tomorrow! As such all of you, engineering students as well as young engineers and graduates are welcomed to participate in this exquisite event... TRULY AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED !!!

Kindly find attached herewith the flyer on this event for the itinerary and registration.

Interested and wish to know more ???… Well, for further enquiries and details, please do not hesitate to contact the following:

ð Ng Siew Kian (012-4964577 / ngsiewkian@yahoo.

ð Chew Kheng Yuen (012-6630252 / chew_cky@hotmail. com)

With that, look forward to your participation. Till then, have a nice day!…


IEM G&S-YES Webmaster

Graduate & Student Section - The Young Engineers Section (G&S-YES)

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Article for IEM G&S Summit report 2007 (Cont'd)

Prepared by: Jimmy Fam
Blogged by: Lee Mei Ping

Article for IEM G&S Summit report 2007 (Cont'd)

Date : 31st-2nd September 2007

Venue : IEM Sabah Branch

Participants : 3 rep from HQ, 2 rep from Penang Branch, 4 rep from Miri Branch, 8 rep from Sabah, 1 rep from Southern

Day 1 :

All the representatives were introduced to each other and each branch representative was given 20 minutes to present branch report for the last 1 year calendar as shown in photo below :

After the branch report section, all representatives were invited to have tea break that had been prepared by the host. Later, the scheduled was followed by G&S conference where all participants were seriously discussed all the agendas that are going to benefit all IEM graduate engineers and students. Some of the discussed agendas were change of name G&S to YES, membership issue, Hong Kong delegation 2008 and coming YEAFEO 2007 at Philippine. Apart from that, Penang branch was unanimously selected as a host for IEM YES summit 2008. At the end of Conference, all representatives took photo in front of Sabah branch office as shown in photos below:

At night, we were all invited to have dinner at Kampung Nelayan, it was a famous place in Sabah for seafood and Cultural performance. Besides having sumptuous dinner at Kampung Nelayan, we also had a chance to meet some senior IEM members from Sabah branch to exchange some opinions regarding engineering issues. All of us really enjoyed the tasty food and cultural show.

Day 2 :

We all woke up early and our pounding hearts would bring us to Pulau Manukan, one of the favourite spot for diving in Sabah. Water is crystal clear and breathtaking views really free us out from the hustle and bustle of the city. We enjoyed ourselves by having snorkelling and not to forget the Parachuting, some photos below showed that our committee really enjoyed being pulled up to the sky and down to the sea to enjoy the beauty of our nature.

Day 3 :

We bid our farewell to all the representatives and we have promised to see each other at Penang Branch for our G&S Summit 2008.


Prepared by: Ng Siew Kian
Blogged by: Lee Mei Ping


Membership drives by University Malaya. The details of the event is as follows:
Title: I-WEEK 2007
Date: 11 July 2007
Time: 1:45 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Pictures taken during the event. Enjoy!