Friday, July 06, 2007

IEM G&S to MMU Melaka Orientation

During the one week orientation programme from11/6-15/6 , MMU Melaka welcomed the new batch of freshmen to the interesting university life. At the mean time, IEM G&S was given the honour to share with alpha engineering students(Pre-U students) about how great G&S is and how to participate in IEM.

The event started off with Mahendran to give a brief introduction of IEM G&S and the benefits of joining IEM G&S and then later part was presented by Yik Ming about Student Affair and how to join G&S. It was a casual yet informative session where students highly participated in it to ask some useful questions regarding IEM. All in all, this is a great start for G&S to introduce ourself in MMU Melaka and hope we have more session in Melaka in the near future.
Students listen attentively to IEM Sharing Session.
Mahendran sharing the benefits in IEM G&S

Monday, July 02, 2007

Property Purchase 101

Prepared by Mahendran
Blogged by Mei Ping

“Property Purchase 101”
(organised by Graduate & Student Section, IEM
in collaboration with National Young Lawyers Committee (NYLC))

Date: 29th June 2007 (Friday)
Time: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Venue: IEM Conference Hall, 2nd Floor
Speaker : Lim Cze Mien
Occupation : Senior Associate, Chooi & Company, Advocates & Solicitors
Qualifications : LLB (Monash), Admitted to the Malaysian Bar in 1999

The talk covered the following areas :

1) Do I need a lawyer and how much will it cost?

2) What is the difference? Apartments vs. landed property.

3) What can I do if the property development is abandoned?

4) What should I look out for in Sale & Purchase Agreements?

5) How is it different with the proposed introduction of the ‘Build & Sell’ concept by the Government?

6) What are the legal implications on Engineers with the proposed change from local authorities' issuance of CFO to Project Architects & Consultants' issuance of CCC?


Prepared by Mahendran
Blogged by Mei Ping

(Organised by Graduate & Student Section, IEM)

Date : 30 June 2007 (Saturday)

Time : 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Venue : IEM Conference Hall A, 2nd Floor

Speaker: Engr.Rocky HT Wong

Engineering is performed by not just an individual but by a team; an Engineering Team. Besides the TECP delivery system of “Bricks & Mortar” for engineering services (CPC8672), what happens to other ETI services? What are the issues concerning the Future Engineering Team? And, what role does the leader of the team, viz the Engineer play? The talk addressed the pertinent issues.

Engr Rocky writes and speaks extensively on the topic of Globalisation and other related issues; especially the effect on S.E.T./E.T.I. and engineers; including environmental, power and energy.