Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Talk by Mr Peter Hicks-Talk on " What stop you from achieving your DREAM "

Blogged by Yoke Mei

Date : 26 Jan 2007 (Friday)
Time : 9am to 10.30 am (refreshment will be served at 10.30 am)
Venue : IEM conference Hall
Speaker : Mr Peter Hicks, Australia

Find out what stops people from achieving their dreams in life and how to break the habit!!

The speaker, Peter Hicks has had exposure on a relationship level with leaders of both government and private industry. He is an exceptional "people person" with broad marketing, fiscal and CEO experience. He is an experienced "agent of change".

The title grabs my attention most to attend the talk in the early morning. I went for the talk together with the other friends from University Malaya who are members of ASHRAE. It's a joint event with the body. The speaker arrived earlier than the stipulated time so we manage to talk to him before the talk started. We find that he's an interesting speaker who would not follow the old trend...speak according to the slides. Instead, he shared the experiences he encountered in his working life with the audience and interact with the rest of us to get feed back and to keep us awake :). I like the part when he expose the interview criteria like the question would be most probably asked by the interviewer during the interview. We believe that Mr Peter has been living in Malaysia for quite some time coz he knows our culture and living well so he would try to tolerate with us during his talk in order to make us understand what he's trying to convey.

The pictures shown that Mr Peter is trying to explain human brain phenomena in which there is 90% of our brain is in subconcious condition and the 10% proportion in concious which means ---subconcious holds your back in your daily life.

A group photo taken before Mr Peter left. Obviously, Mr Peter is the 4th counting from the left.

An utmost gratitude to Mr Peter for his effort in his talk.

There are several quotes from him to be pondered---
" We are today is what we thought of yesterday",
" You are a victim of your past, unless you change it",
"Don't bite off any you can chew, be happy with what you have" etc.

We learned a lot from it.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Networking Dinner With NYLC & MPS

Prepared by Engr. Tang Wai Keong
Blogged by Yoke Mei

Networking Dinner with Young Members of the National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC) & Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS).

On 05th January 2007, IEM G&S External Affairs successfully organised its’ 4th activity on 05 January 2007 – “Networking Dinner with Young Members of National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC) & Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) at Little Vietnam, Midvalley Megamall, PJ which attract 37 multi races participants.

Together with us for the dinner were some young lawyers, pharmacists & chartered accountant.
We have establishing a greater & closer networking & interaction among the young engineers, lawyers & pharmacists. Every participants have a chance to descript themselves and sharing their knowledge in

their profession.

All the Young Professionals are invited by IEM G&S for the Young Professionals’ Nite will be held on
27th January 2007 and other social events. The Young lawyers also inviting IEM G&S & MPS for their organized programs; whilst each respective committee members also can benefited from the outing by getting a rare opportunity to improve the relationship with other young professionals.

More good moments to share ......

Our Mr. Chairman, Chau Fung talking so many admirer. Yen: Chau Fung always want to talk a lot.

There will a lot more to be shared at The Professional Nite on 27th January 2007.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Prepared by Engr. Low Kok Chang
Blogged by Yoke Mei

On 13th January IEM G&S organized yet another successful fellowship – our first archery outing.

When we were pulling the 16lbs string, our instructor Mr. Yeoh already spent more than 45 minutes talking – the clinic takes more time than expected, but rightly so - most of the 18 of us are new to archery. Mr. Yeoh gave an interesting and informative lesson, starting from the history of archery (“weapon” that killed most people, compare guns and bombs), different type of bows and arrows, and most importantly, the correct technique to practice the sport.

But theory is one thing, putting it into practical use is another. The first dozen of our arrows hardly goes near the target, but improve gradually under the supervision and guidance our instructors. That being said – we are just 10 meters away from the target. We can only stare in disbelieve when Mr. Yeoh finally draws his bow, hit the target 30 meters away!

As expected (since we start late and have longer clinic) we took more than 3 hours to finish all 3 dozens of arrows. Some of us were fortunate enough to try the compound bows – get the feel of releasing arrow with “trigger”. Mr. Yeoh and colleagues has been generous and patience – THANK YOU! They even prepared bows for left-hander archer – that means you hold the bow with your right hand, pull the arrow with left hand and, aim with your left eye. Not that difficult, right? :)

We would also like to take this opportunity to thanks all the participants, especially Melanie (Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society), Tracy and Dara (National Young Lawyers Committee), Sufyan, Lai, Koh, Tey (first time participant) and Fariz (all the way from Perak!). To our ever supportive and active G&S members: Cham, Atie, Chau Fong, Yeng Hui, Chee Fui, Ngeow, Jimmy and Chee Hong – thanks and see you in another activity!

We certainly hope this is a good for the year, as we are”aiming” for more surprises from G&S chapter and other young professionals!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

YEAFEO Directory

This is the link to the YEAFEO Directory.Check it out!

Best Regards;
Lee Mei Ping
MMU Melaka campus

Friday, January 12, 2007


Prepared by Lee Eu Jiun
Blogged by Yoke Mei

December 10
It was Sunday morning, and I was going to University Malaya for a character building camp organized by the Engineering Society of University Malaya called EDMAT-29. EDMAT is a acronym for Engineering Development Motivation & Awareness Training, and this is the 29th year it’s being organized. I’ve heard quite a number of comments about this programme and all of them point to the same direction, its really a valuable experience to treasure. Hence, I took my steps to join as a participant representing IEM.

My journey begins in the early hours of December 10th, reaching around the afternoon to Puduraya. The whole journey was very tiring and I was relieved that it finally ended. At Puduraya, I was received by the committee where we exchanged warm handshakes chatted like old friends. After reaching Universiti Malaya, I was escorted to my room, it was a twin sharing and my roommate was already inside the room. He was from UPM taking Aerospace Engineering.

After taking a nap, I went down for the first meal, the welcoming dinner after listening to a briefing by the committees. Next, we proceeded to our first session, the Ice Breaking among participant. The games played were fun and it forced us to memorize the names of other participants or get punished (getting powder all over yourself), by the end of the session, I know more than half of the participants.

December 11
I woke up at 6.30am in the morning for Aerobics. With my eyes half close, I went down to the hall. The session was really tiring, we jumped and danced to the music. By the end of the session, I was already soaked with sweat.

Then, it was the opening ceremony, our Deputy Minister of Higher Education, YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat came. We’re shocked to hear that he was even a participant in EDMAT-3. They even had EDMAT logo inside the egg signifying the start of the programme.

Then, we had a chance to listen to a talk by the Managing Director of Motorola Malaysia Software Centre, Mr Hong Kean Yong. It was a very informational session where we get to know more about the company and also the real world outside.

We were then taught to market ourself by Ms Jeannie Quek and also the DOs and DON’Ts during an interview. It was a really interesting session and by the end of it, we were filled with information waiting to get hired.

After a being filled mentally, we then had a
Be different session after dinner. I would say it was fun to get to move my body a little after sitting for one whole day. During this session, all our engineering skills came into play in order to win we had to negotiate our way through the station masters. I felt like I was in a online RPG running around upgrading my levels and earning money.

December 12
Fuu HA! It’s the Tai Chi session. We were introduced to tai-chi and also some hands on experience on it.

After breakfast, we had a public speaking session. We were given topics on the spot and we talked about it for 2 minutes.

Then, we were actually educated by Datin Ampikaipakan on Image Building. She was a really funny speaker and she tutored us on self image and grooming.

After proceeding for lunch, we had our first Forum. We debated on global issue of the engineering field. The forum ended, and then we had an Outdoor Challenge. We went kayaking and flying fox. It was cloudy and we had a lot of fun. WOW! You actually get to do this in uni?

At night, we had a Public Speaking Workshop by Mr. Ivan Tan. He was someone full of jokes and he taught us quite a lot on Public Speaking. He also corrected us on our speaking techniques.

December 13
Morning exercise again! Today we’ll be learning Yoga. There was fun as I never had the chance to practice this before.
The next one on the list was a Take Charge! Workshop conducted by Mr. Rizal. He motivated us, and also taught us to stop “bangauing”(making up excuses). By the end of the workshop, we were all in high spirits awaiting for the next programme.

At night, all of us became Crime Scene Investigators. It was a game session called night stalk and we were given a scene acted out by the committee, and we are to guess the murderer according to the clues provided.

December 14
YaY! It’s the day for us to go out. We’re going off to a tour around KL. We went to Royal Selangor Pewter Factory. Too bad the stuff were to expensive to be bought back home. Next, we proceed to KLCC for a shopping spree. We even had a chance to go up the Sky Bridge. In the evening, we were dropped off in Central Market for dinner and to buy home some souvenirs. Next stop was the independence square. We set foot on this historical path where Malaysia achieved independence. Final spot was KL Tower. We went up the place to get a glimpse of the city at night. The view was magnificent and the experience was unforgettable.

December 15
We started the morning with a nature walk in the mini jungle inside the campus. Then we had a talk on personality by Mr Paul Davidson. We learned about the difference between the sexes from the biological point of view. Next was a financial planning talk by Mr Steve Tan. He taught us financial planning in the simplest way possible. He was spontaneous and we even had a martial art demonstration.

At night, we had a modified game of hide and seek. We were required to look for the committee in disguised. To think that we’ll know them after 6 days, fat chance!

December 16
We were given a Taekwondo class early in the morning. After that, we went to the hospital to visit the pediatrics and senior citizen. We felt compassionate towards them and blessed for being what we are now. After lunch, we had a telematch to earn points to be the best group. Finally, We had our Gala Dinner in Putrajaya. The theme for the night was Masquarade party.We got a chance to tour around because the drive got lost. We ended the night with artificial fireworks. It was a wonderful closing and indeed a memorable week. I was sad that it finally ended, but at the same time happy that I’ve met friends from all over Malaysia and also overseas.

Networking Dinner

with Young Members of the:
-Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM),
-The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS),
-The National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC)
-The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretariats and Administrators (MAICSA)

Prepared by Yen Kwan & Sze Yin
Blogged by Yoke Mei

G&S’ External Affairs successfully conducted its’ 3rd activity of the current session – “Networking Dinner with Young Members of Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM)”, which attracted a total of 17 participants. Together with us for the dinner were some young pharmacists, chartered secretaries & lawyer.

The main objective of the activity – which was to establish a solid networking with the young architects, was achieved; whilst our committee members also benefited from the outing by getting a rare opportunity to mingle with other young professionals such as pharmacists, secretariats, administrators & lawyer.

Looking forward to more dinners of such in future. Cya in Young Professionals' Nite on 27th Jan.