Monday, March 20, 2006

The Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette

The girl next door is so pretty!!
Hey... see!! The handsome guy from the R&D department!!!!

oh... so, what are you waiting for??? WORK UP!!! work up!!!! work up that guts, go up to the girl/ guy and nominate her/him!!!!

er... but HOW???


Approach the nominee
Answer three simple Questions
Fill in the forms
Attach nominee's most GLAMOROUS photo
Send the form and photo to us!!

for more information and form, do contact

OOoooppppssss... and here is the form!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

G&S Fellowship Nite - 25th February 2006

Venue : Kelana Jaya (Chairman's palace)

Another fun and exciting social event organised by IEM G&S for the young engineers and student members. The event was well attended by more than 30 participants. Apart from the superb food servings of lamb chops, curry, deserts, etc, most participants had a fruitful interaction among them. As usual, the event kicked off with our multimedia presentation of IEM G&S and followed by the ice-breaking session.

Thereafter, the committee members introduced our G&S official game - MAFIA game to the participants. They sure enjoyed the game, and ironically, the beginners won the game by 'killing off' most of the committee members...Kind of hard to imagine..

The event ended after all the laughter and some social interaction among members....G&S will continue their effort to organise and bring in more members together through this social event and hopefully you will join us next time...See you then..


IEM Bowling Tournament 2006 - 24th February 2006

Venue : U-Bowl Centre, One Utama Shopping Centre

This event was successfully organised by IEM G&S as it had attracted 17 teams to participate. All participants enjoyed the event very much and indeed, young engineers has shown their ability to be a good bowler too. There was a stiff competition among players and G&S in return, prepared trophies and souveneirs for the winners.

List of winners :

Team Event
Champion : Technip Team
1st Runner Up : Holograhic Bowlers (MMC Engineering)
2nd Runner Up : SSP-Water Team

Individual Event (Male)
Best Player : Mr.Steven Kong (SSP-Water Team)
1st Runner Up : En.Irwan Mustapha Mat (Technip Team)
2nd Runner Up : En.Syed Mohd. Hafex (Technip Team)

Individual Event (Female)
Best Player : Ms.Anne Anandhi Krishnan (Gamuda Team)
1st Runner Up : Cik Azila Ruslan (Technip Team)
2nd Runner Up : Cik Siti Zainon (IEM Secretariat)

Really great show play by all the players, especially the winners. We sincerely hope we can make this event an annual tournament and next time, more participants will join us and make this another great success. Till then.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

G&S visit to Sabah Branch

~~the time to get off to the flight~~


the fun with coconut drink!!

Pondok Paka

Take Charge Worshop

25th February 2006

This program guided the participants to takeresponsibility for their future by the choices theymake and the goals they set. The programbegan by preparing the participants to be aware oftheir potential and to appreciate life as it is. Byrealizing this, participants were ready to makemassive shifts towards personal excellence. At the endof the section, participants learned to clarify theirgoals to make them more practical and achievable.

Ex-G&S Comm - Choon Hua's Wedding


5th February 2006

Yes, it's another cherish moment for G&S. Our ex-G&SGeneral Member Sdr. Chan Choon Hua is finallymarried!! Congratulations....Hope more would follow suit...

G&S Committees Brainstorming Session

21st January 2006
Ria Apartment Genting Highlands

This two days event is specially for G&S committees tobrainstorm and feedback on G&S activities for the pasthalf a session and to charter the upcoming activitiesin G&S for the next half of the session.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Financial Independence Course - Module 3

21st January 2006

Module 3 of the course which is conducted by Ir. PY Wong covers the following

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Investing locally and globally
  • Setting up an investment club
  • Financial literacy

G&S Roadshow at UNITEN

G&S meet the lecturers 14th January 2006
The very first G&S Meet The Lecturer Series in our mission to reach out to lecturers and encourage them to join IEM and at the same time pursue their professional engineering status. For more information on the G&S Meet The Lecturers Series, kindly contact Sdr. Yau CF (012-3882570,

Executive Fellowship Night

13th January 2006

The second session of the night exclusively for the volunteers of G&S saw participation of about 15 people. A short 2 hour session conducted on sharing and brainstorming of ideas for the G&S. For those who are interested to volunteer yourself for G&S, contact Sdr. Yau CF (, 012-3882570)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

13th January 2006 Talk on Energy Efficient & Sustainable Energy Usage in Urban Households & Residential Building

A jointly organized activity with the Electrical Engineering Technical Division which saw a record participation of almost 140 IEM members.

This talk aims to provide an overview on energy efficiency and sustainable usage in urban household and residential buildings. The Demonstration and Documentation Centre (DDC), a typical double-storey link-house in SS2, Petaling Jaya, is part of a project funded by the Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA) and serves to promote sustainable energy usage and lifestyle and encourage household energy audits.